Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Trouble trouble boil and bubble

While mu little princess has nothing to do with being a witch, we managed to get into trouble at gymnastics.

First it was the fact that Leyla had a musical concert at school for which she practiced for about 6 weeks. When I told that her coach last week she was quite ok with it. What I did not know and found out only on Monday was the fact that Leyla's dad decided to make a dentist appointment in the same day and time with Leyla's gymnastics training.

And here is where, announcing the coach, I received a look that could have dried my roots had I been a plant. If I were a man. most likely I would have totally missed it, so short and veiled it was. I counted my lucky starts that she did not kick Leyla off the team instantly. But if eyes can talk, I certainly received that message.

That is the disadvantage of being on the international team. You can not miss a class. Or at least not for conflicting interests with school or medical appointments. Maybe if you are really really sick? I already know that rips are not an excuse... And pulled muscles don't matter. That's why they invented all those support bandages... A cold or a flu? Push half a Berocca before the class... Exhausted? No problem. That's why the shops sell protein shakes... And so on...

When we consider that my gorgeous gymnast is only 5, it makes me wonder if it was such a good idea to enroll her in such a demanding sport.

But she loves it! And is a pleasure to watch. :)

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