Monday, 17 October 2011

International Develoment Program

With Leyla in Pre-Levels and my other daughter in Colors,I allowed myself to relax and get used with spending five hours a week in the gymnasium. Time and money seemed quite balanced.

Then I got an e-mail from Leyla's coach saying she was invited to sit an assessment for Elite or the International program. It was yet another lesson in determination.

I was able to watch only the last 30 minutes out of the two and a half hour assessment. In those thirty minutes I watched my 5 year old daughter showing a physical strength that I did not believe possible. With her little hands gripping the bar, she lifted her small but already muscular legs above her head. Not once, not twice, but nine times. She made it look easy. She did not sweat, did not cringe. The only thing tat showed she pushed herself to the limits was the thin line of her otherwise little plumed lips.

From the side, me and other mothers were quietly cheering our children.Not only our own, bu the other mothers' as well. We tried to keep our voices in control, not letting the excitement bring up the amazement we were feeling as we were counting yet another leg lift.

After that, little hands went back on the bars, lifting the little bodies until the chin reached above their hands. Chin ups. Again, we were cheering the little kids. I could see Leyla's effort in the way her little muscles trembled slightly. And again, one after the other, easier at the beginning and with more effort towards the end, my baby managed ten.

After the assessment was finally finished, I asked her coach how did she go. "She wanted it, worked hard for it and I'd be surprised if she does not get it".

And so, one week later, as I was sitting down on the bench watching other girls, the head coach came to me, inviting me to chat. I was nervous. Very nervous, not for me, but for the little baby that was my daughter.

Leyla did good. She showed strength and flexibility, and potential.  But because she is so tiny and just started gymnastics 10 weeks before, she was offered a three months trial in the International Development Program.

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