Saturday, 19 May 2012

Back to normal

Oh well, little miss Leyla seems to be back to normal with training... No more talk of wanting to give up, no more complaining about being tired... She is back to the old "I can't wait for the next class", and in a way I am grateful because selfishly, I don't need to wonder if I am doing the right thing by her...

For the second day in a row, she was the hardest working gymnast in her class and her coach is pleased. I am more pleased by the fact that at the end of class she excitedly talks about all the new skills she is trying and how fun it is. Yes, in her words, strength hurts and flexibility training is not her favorite, but she is happy and that's what matters.

Like an obsessed parent, I asked her what the problem was before. Leyla, looks at me for a while, considering how much should she actually tell me, and ends up saying that she was getting bored of doing the same thing every time. In a way, I can certainly understand how doing the same thing, three times a week for months at end, it is boring. But, knowing my daughter, I think that part of her problem was that she was feeling that she was not getting enough recognition for her work.

Leyla is one of those kids that likes to see results and while she can deal with a tough approach, in order to give her best she needs the praise and the rewards. And maybe, for a while, I started to take it for granted that I have a very talented and hard working daughter, and I did not praise as much as I did in the beginning. Maybe. At the moment, I am making an effort to remember to praise her after very class. And I promised her a new leotard for working hard, not that she needs another one, but hey... Plus, I am taking her to the Australian Championships next week so she can watch the 'big' girls live. Bribing? Possibly.

But I am so happy to see her happy!

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